PAM8406 hk
PAM8406 Stereo Noiseless Power Amplifier Module
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PAM8406 Stereo Noiseless Power Amplifier Module

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PAM8406 Digital Amplifier Board With Volume Potentiometer 5Wx2 Stereo For Electronic Devices


PAM8406 Mini Amplifier Board Dual Channel 2x5W Audio Receiver Amplifier Board Module Parts Class D 2.5-5V for Electronic Devices
1. Ultra-Compact Size: With dimensions of only 23mm x 24mm, this pam8406 mini amplifier board is incredibly small and can be easily placed in various digital products' internal small spaces, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.
2. Excellent Noise Suppression: This audio receiver amplifier board features excellent noise suppression, ensuring that you won't hear any unwanted noise even if you put your ear next to the speaker without an input audio signal.
3. Dual-Channel Stereo Output: This digital amplifier board can output 5W+5W power with just 5V power supply, driving 4Ω and 8Ω small speakers directly. It has good sound quality and comes with left and right channel volume adjustment.
4. Unique Digital Amplifier Design: The stereo noiseless power amplifier features a unique D-class digital amplifier design without LC filtering, which allows it to use USB power from a computer directly.
5. Double-Side Wiring: The double-side wiring design helps to solve the problem of ground potential balance and channel crosstalk caused by wiring. The ultra-compact size does not compromise the power as it offers high amplification efficiency, producing powerful and rich sound quality. And the mini amplifier board is machine soldered, providing superior quality over manual soldering with iron.

Note: The "negative" terminals of the left and right channel outputs cannot be connected together, otherwise the IC will be burned, and the speakers (load) should be connected before powering on.