pwm module hk
2 route pwm generator module hk
2路pwm信號發生 hk
2 route pwm module hk
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Micro USB DC 2 Channel Adjustable PWM Signal Generator

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2 Channel Square Wave Rectangular Wave Signal Generator 1Hz-150KHz Adjustable Duty Ratio PWM Pulse Frequency Module



1.Dual Independent PWM Outputs: This module allows for two separate PWM outputs, enabling you to independently set the frequency and duty cycle for each output. This feature provides versatility and flexibility in controlling your devices or motors.
2.Wide Frequency Range with High Accuracy: The module offers a wide frequency range with high accuracy, ensuring precise control over your PWM signals. The frequency can be set within three ranges.
3.Serial Communication Capability: The module supports serial communication, allowing for convenient and efficient control of the PWM signals. Through serial communication, you can remotely configure and adjust the module's settings, making it suitable for projects that require remote control or automation.
4.Easy-to-Use: This PWM module is designed to be user-friendly, offering a straightforward interface for setting up and adjusting the parameters. The frequency, duty cycle, and other settings can be easily configured using simple and intuitive controls.
5.Safe and Reliable: Safety and reliability are paramount when working with electrical devices and motors. This module ensures the safety and reliability of your PWM signal generation.

The frequencies are divided into three ranges:
1. XXX (no decimal point): the minimum unit is 1Hz, and the value range is 1Hz~999Hz;
2. XX.X (decimal point in tens): the minimum unit is 0.1Khz; the value range is 0.1KHz~99.9KHz
3. X.X.X. (three digits have a decimal point): the minimum unit is 1Khz; the value range is 1KHz~150KHz
e.g. Frequency display: 100 means PWM output 100Hz pulse;
54.1 means PWM output 54.1KHz pulse;
1.2.4. Indicates PWM output 124KHz pulse
Duty cycle value range: 0~100;
The three frequency ranges share one duty cycle, and all setting parameters are saved when power off.


Module parameters:
1. Working voltage: 5-30V supports micro USB 5.0V power supply;
2. Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz;
3. Frequency accuracy: The accuracy in each range is about 2%;
4. Signal load capacity: The output current can be around 8-30 ma;
5. Output amplitude: default 5V V-pp (can be changed through external power supply);
6. Environmental temperature: -30~+70 .