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D52-2066 hk
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電壓錶 香港
電壓表 香港
多用途電壓計 HK
D52-2066 Multi-Function Meter AC40-300V
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D52-2066 Multi-Function Meter AC40-300V

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Color LCD Screen Single-phase Household Smart Watt-hour Meter Guide Rail Type 220V Voltage Current Power Frequency Factor Meter




D52-2066 guide rail type digital display multi-function meter simultaneously displays 6 parameters such as AC voltage, AC current, active power, power factor, frequency and electric energy on the instrument. The meter uses a color full-view high-definition LCD display to display the measurement results.





Measurement accuracy: 1%±2 words

Measuring range: AC voltage AC40-300V

Alternating current: AC0-100A, current display resolution is 0.01A

Power frequency: 45Hz-65Hz

Power factor: 0.00-1.00PF

Active power: the measurement range is 0-45000W, the display resolution between 0-9999.9W is 0.1W, and the rest is 1W

Electricity: the measurement range is 0-99999kwh, the minimum display resolution of 0-999.99kwh is 0.01kwh

1000.0-9999.9kwh minimum display resolution is 0.1kwh

The minimum resolution of 10000.0-99999kwh is 1kwh

Measuring speed: about 2 times per second

Dimensions: 54*80*64mm

Installation method: rail type


Package Included

1 × D52-2066 multi-function Meter

1 x English Manual