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Arduino Joystick Module

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Arduino Dual-axis XY Joystick Module Higher Quality PS2 Joystick Control Lever Sensor


Product performance:

  1. Input voltage range: DC 3.3V to 5V
  2. Output signal: The module te sets two analog outputs and one digital output interface. The output values correspond to (X, Y) biaxial offsets respectively, and the type is analog; the button indicates whether the user presses on the Z axis. Its type is digital switching.
  3. It can be programmed by Arduino controller, and the sensor expansion board can be plugged in to complete the creative remote interactive work.
  4. The cross rocker is a bidirectional 10K resistor, and the resistance of the tap changes with the direction of the rocker. This module uses 5V power supply. In the original state, the X and Y read voltages are about 2.5V. When pressed in the direction of the arrow, the read voltage value increases with the value of 5V. When the arrow is pressed in the opposite direction, the voltage value is read. Reduced. Small is 0V.

Arduino UNO R3 Test Program:

int JoyStick_X = A0; //x

int JoyStick_Y = A1; //y

int JoyStick_Z = 4; //key

void setup() {

pinMode(JoyStick_X, INPUT);

pinMode(JoyStick_Y, INPUT);

pinMode(JoyStick_Z, INPUT_PULLUP);

Serial.begin(9600);} // 9600 bps

void loop() {

 int x,y,z;




Serial.print(x ,DEC); Serial.print(",");

Serial.print(y ,DEC); Serial.print(",");

Serial.println(z ,DEC);}