45 in 1 sensor module hk
傳感器套裝 hk
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45 in 1 Sensors kit for Arduino R3 Raspberry Pi MCU Robotic

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45 in 1 Sensor Modules Board Kit,Compatible with Arduino Uno R3 and Raspberry Pi,Beginners Sensors Modules Starter Kit 45

Package included:

1.Clock Module
2.Flame Sensor
3.Two-Color LED
4.Button Switch
5.Analog Hall
6.IR Emission Module
7.XY Joystick
8.Linear Hall
9.Small Two-Color LED
10.Vibration Switch
11.Hall Magnetic Module
12.Temperature and Humidity Module
14.Human Touch
15.Reed Switch
16.Rotary Encoder
17. TEMP 18B20
18. Laser Emission
19. High Sensitivity Sound
20. Digital Temperature
21.Mini Magnetic Reed
22.Magic Ring
23.Analog Temperature
24.3-Color SMD RGB
25.Small Microphone
26.Active Buzzer
27.MPU6050 Gyroscope Module
28.Mercury Switch

29.IR Receiver
30. Soil Module
31.Tracking Module
32. Passive Buzzer
33.Finger Heartbeat Test
34.Tilt Switch
35.Light Blocking
36.Tapping Module
37.Obstacle Avoidance
38.3-Color RGB LED
39.7-Color Flashing
40.Photosensitive Module
41. SD Reading Writing Module
42. 3.3/5V Power Supply Module
43. Water Level Module
44.HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
45. MP1584EN Step Down Module