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2000W Heat Gun, Hot Air Gun
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2000W Heat Gun, Hot Air Gun

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Dual Temperature Heat Gun Hot Air Gun

Various Applications→Our Hot Air Gun is suitable for drying materials, removing paint, loosening floor tiles and wall paper, defrosting frozen pipes, shrinking shrink tube, wrapping vinyl or PVC, tossing rusty bolts and other heating or thawing purposes.


Safe→The thickened cord is 1.5meter soft rubber power cord, which is strictly guaranteed to get the standard level.


Two operating temperatures: 300°C  or 550°C

Voltage: 220v

Power: 2000w

Frequency 50Hz

Package content - 1 x Heat Gun; 1 x User manual

Plug: UK Plug

Size: Approx. 25.5cm x 20cm


Here are some safety considerations to be taken into account when using a Heat Gun:

  • Turn off the Heat Gun before putting it down
  • Do not use to strip lead paints
  • Do not insert any thing into the gun when working
  • Do not touch the end of the gun where hot air comes out
  • Allow the gun to cool before storing
  • Do not use the heat gun near anything that is flammable
  • Uncoil any extension leads


Product may little vary due to update version.


1.) Do not operate Heat Guns in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable liquids,gases,or dust. Heat Guns create sparks which may ignitethe dust or fumes

2.) This Heat Guns is for industrial purpose usually,do not try to dry your hair with a heat gun!