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HC-06 Bluetooth Module
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HC-06 Bluetooth Module

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HC-06 Wireless Slave Bluetooth Module 4Pin RF Transceiver Serial Module Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 Mega 2560 Nano


hc-06 HC 06 RF Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Slave Module RS232 / TTL to UART converter and adapter

Model Number: HC-06
Operating voltage: 3.3V
Input voltage: 3.6~6V
Default Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,n.
Interface: VCC, GND, TXD, RXD
Signal coverage: 10m

1. The core module uses the HC-06 slave module. The lead-out interfaces include VCC, GND, TXD, and RXD. The LED status output pin is reserved. The microcontroller can use this pin state to determine whether Bluetooth is connected. The KEY pin is invalid for the slave.
2. The bottom board is 3.3V LDO, the input voltage is 3.6~6V, the current is about 30mA when not paired, about 10mA after pairing, and the input voltage is prohibited to exceed 7V!
3. The interface level is 3.3V, which can be directly connected to various MCUs (51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, etc.), 5V MCUs can also be directly connected, and MAX232 can not be passed without MAX232!
4. After pairing, it is used as a full-duplex serial port without understanding any Bluetooth protocol, but only supports 8-bit data bit, 1 stop bit, no parity communication format, which is also the most commonly used communication format and does not support other formats .
5. When the Bluetooth connection is not established, the baud rate, name, and pairing password can be set through AT commands, and the set parameters can be saved after power off. After the Bluetooth connection, it automatically switches to transparent transmission mode.


TXD: The sending end, generally expressed as its own sending end, normal communication must be connected to the RXD of another device.
RXD: The receiving end, generally expressed as its own receiving end, normal communication must be connected to the TXD of another device.
During normal communication, its own TXD is always connected to the RXD of the device!

Package contents:
1 × HC-06 modules