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CR927 Battery 1pc
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CR927 Battery 1pc

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Lithium 3V 3 Volt Coin Cell Batteries CR927 Button Cell Batteries 1pc - Long-Lasting Power for Various Devices - Reliable and High-Quality - Koonenda


CR927 battery is a type of button cell battery, also known as CR927 button battery. It is a small-sized battery with a diameter of 9.5mm and a thickness of 2.7mm. The CR927 battery utilizes lithium chemistry, offering high energy density and stable voltage output.

The CR927 battery is commonly used in small electronic devices such as watches, calculators, mini lights, electronic toys, remote controls, etc. They are also frequently employed in medical instruments, sensors, and other devices that require a compact power source.

CR927 batteries feature a long lifespan and stable performance, providing reliable power supply. They can operate within a wide temperature range and are designed with leak-proof construction to ensure safety and reliability.


Product Name:
CR927 3V Lithium Battery (1 piece)
Can replace MR9, LR9, V625U, PX625A

Usage Notice:
There are many battery options, please confirm the required model for your electronic device to avoid errors.
Do not recharge, invert, expose to fire, or mix with other batteries!

This product is for single-use only and should not be recharged.
Due to the wide variety of battery types, please pay attention to the slight differences in size and voltage during use.
Do not touch the product with sharp objects.
There may be slight color differences between the photos and the actual product, so please refer to the actual received item.