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CR1632 Battery (1pc)
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CR1632 Battery (1pc)

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Maxell Lithium Battery CR1632 CR1632 Lithium Coin Cell Battery - Ideal for Remote Controls and Key Fobs


The CR1632 battery is a type of circular flat-shaped button battery commonly found in various small electronic devices and devices. It is a lithium battery with a voltage of 3V.
• Voltage: 3V
• Chemistry: Lithium battery
• Size: Diameter approximately 16mm, thickness approximately 3.2mm
• Capacity: 80mAh
• Lifespan: Varies depending on usage, generally provides power for several years
• Applications: Widely used in calculators, watches, remote controls, car keys, electronic blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, and other small electronic devices.
Please note that the CR1632 battery is a disposable battery and cannot be recharged. When replacing the battery, ensure that you use the correct model and specifications to ensure proper operation of the device.