esp32-cam ch340 module
ESP32-CAM-MB CH340 USB Module
ESP32-CAM-MB CH340 USB Module
  • 將圖片載入圖庫檢視器 esp32-cam ch340 module
  • 將圖片載入圖庫檢視器 ESP32-CAM-MB CH340 USB Module
  • 將圖片載入圖庫檢視器 ESP32-CAM-MB CH340 USB Module

ESP32-CAM-MB CH340 USB Module


ESP32-CAM-MB USB Programmer ESP-32 CAM Progarmmer ESP32-CAM OV2640 Camera Module Downloader USB Micro Interface CH340 Chip


Using the FTDI Adapter to program the ESP32-CAM is a bit of a hassle. This is why many vendors now sell the ESP32-CAM board along with a small add-on daughterboard called the ESP32-CAM-MB. You stack the ESP32-CAM on the daughterboard, attach a micro USB cable, and click the Upload button to program your board. It’s that simple.

esp32 cam mb programmer hardware overview

The highlight of this board is the CH340G USB-to-Serial converter. That’s what translates data between your computer and the ESP32-CAM. There’s also a RESET button, a BOOT button, a power indicator LED, and a voltage regulator to supply the ESP32-CAM with plenty of power.

The ESP32-CAM AI-Thinker MB programmer is a shield that you attach to your ESP32-CAM board GPIOs.

ESP32-CAM-MB Micro USB Programmer CH340G Serial Chip for OV2640

The programmer comes with the CH340C USB to serial chip.

ESP32-CAM-MB CH340G Serial Chip USB Converter

This allows you to program the ESP32-CAM using the USB port on the shield.

ESP32-CAM-MB CH340G Serial Chip Micro USB Port Programmer

Additionally, the shield also comes with a RESET and a BOOT (IO0) buttons. This may be useful to easily reset the ESP32-CAM or put it into flashing mode.


Type: Voltage Regulator

Number: ESP32-CAM-MB TTL Downloader Module

Working voltage: 4.7V-5.3V

Working temperature: -40°C~85°C

Product size: 40*27*10mm/1.57* 1.06*0.39in


Package included: