rs232 to rs485 converter hk
rs232 to rs485 adapter hk
rs232 female to rs485 male hk
rs485 to rs232
rs485 to rs232 converter
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RS232 to RS485 Converter

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RS-232 RS232 to RS-485 RS485 Interface Serial Adapter Converter RS232 to RS485 adapter switch 232 turn 485 adaptor 485 communication adapter converter


It is widely used in industrial automation,door safe,all-in one-card,car parking,ATM,bus charge,eatery sell
Compatible with EIA/TIA RS232 & RS485 standard
Interface RS232 side:DB9 female connector
Interface RS485 side:DB9 male connector with optional terminal board telecommunication agreement

Work environment:-10degree to 86 degree,relative humidity:5% to 95%
Working mode:asynchoronous,half-duplex,differential transmission
Transmission media:common wire,double wire or UTP or Shielding line
Transmission rate:300-115200bps,which is capable of applying between host computers host computer
Transmission distance:RS485 max.1200m,RS232 side max.5m
Dimension:5.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.8cm(LxWxH)


RS232/RS485 converter bi-directional interface between the converter, applied between the host computer.
The host computer and constitute a point to point, multipoint remote multi-machine communication networks, multi-response communication communication between the microcontroller or peripheral.
Widely used in industrial automation and control systems, card access control systems, parking systems, self-service banking system, the bus fare collection system, canteen Canteen System employees attendance management system, highway toll station system.
RS232/RS485 transfer, RS-232 serial port TXD and RXD signals can be converted into two balanced half-duplex RS-485 signals.
No external power supply, stealing directly from the RS232 port of 3 feet by 7 feet Request to Send (RTS), 4-pin data terminal ready (DTR) to the RS232/RS485 auxiliary power supply.
Automatic flow control so that you do not have to reset the hardware and installing software is very simple to use.

Serial Characteristics: Compatible with RS-232 and RS-485 standards of EIA/TIA


Package includes:
1 x RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Serial Adapter Converter

1 x user manual