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65pcs Quick Splice Connectors
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65pcs Quick Splice Connectors

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65Pcs T Tap Wire Connectors Self Stripping Quick Splice Electrical Wire Terminals Quick Connect Terminal Non Destructive


*1. 65pcs T-tap Connectors in a storage case, include 20pcs Dark Blue, 20pcs Red, 20pcs Blue, 5pcs Yellow.

*2. Self-Stripping Quick Splice connectors for fast wiring. Quick splice connectors easy to use, snap over lock on the top to keep them well insulated prevent from leakage, T Tap connectors to prevent sliding out, no loose, resist high voltage.

*3. Quality copper core: The terminal adopts quality copper core, the copper sheet is thick, the load is large, for stable performance.

*4. Standardized design: After folding and pressing, the card slot protrudes from the rear, and the specifications are compatible with the matching inserts, which is convenient for close insertion.

*5. Tap into any wire without needing to cut, strip or solder. 


Connection method:
The cable to be connected is located inside the spring connector
Push the cover into place and lock
Complete the connection.

Wiring area:
● Red current: 0.5-1.0 mm² AWG: 22-18 maximum current: 10 A
● blue sky current: 0.75-2.5 mm² AWG: 18-14 maximum current: 15 A

● Yellow current: 2- 4mm² AWG:10-12 maximum current: 24 A

● Deep blue current: 0.75-2.5mm²AWG:18-14 maximum current : 15A