5PCS Needle Files Set

5PCS Needle Files Set

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5PCS Needle Files Set Mini Metal Rasp For Wood Carving Tool Metal Glass Stone Craft Steel Rasp Hand File Tool Kit


Product parameter


  • Product name: High carbon steel Assorted Metal file Rasps
  • Product packaging: 5pCS
  • Product specifications: 5*180mm
  • Type: Mini Metal file Rasps
  • Material: high carbon steel
  • Shank material: Rubber
  • Product material: made of high-quality bearing steel, surface high •Temperature quenching treatment.



  1. The file blade is made of high-quality steel with surface hardening treatment, high toughness and wear resistance.
  2. The tooth pattern of the file is uniform,high grinding efficiency.
  3. The mini needle file can be finely polished and polished, and is very suitable for hardwood processing, deburring, roughing, and polishing of all kinds of wood.




  • Use the rasps side first, and when the rasps becomes dull, use the other side of the rasp.
  • When using a file, please use often a wire brush to remove the file Rasps on the scraps.
  • Don't stack together.